The logo of The Centre for African AestheticsWhat does the Centre for African Aesthetics represent?
The Centre For African Aesthetics (CAA) Stands for the nobility of Africans

What is the legal status of CAA?
CAA is aNon-Governmental Organization

When did CAA come into existence?
CAA was registered in Kenya in 2001

Who is the founder of CAA?
CAA was founded by writer David G Maillu

Why was CAA created?
CAA was created to addressing research and implementation of African traditional governing structures, revisiting and developing African traditional ways of living, rediscovery of African history, environmental conservation, folklore and oral literature, developing writers and published materials, promotion of reading culture, preservation of artifacts and material culture, address the role of the community and the goodness of communal living y, relationship between the old and the young, parents and children, the rich and the poor.

Erosion of cultures by David G MailluWho can associate with CAA?
Any person conscious of the need for African Renaissance can partner with CAA.

How, exactly, does CAA communicate?
Through The Voice monthly magazine. At advanced stage CAA’s voice will be continental radio and television networks spreading African’s cultural values. The journal should carry information relating Religion, Philosophy, Politics, History, African Renaissance, Art, Literature, Environment, Science, Book reviews and any other relevant subject adding value to African integrity.

Does CAA have anything to do with religion? 
CAA is the Custodian of African Spirituality, complete with shrines and temples where spiritual deliberations shall be taking place.

David G Maillu's brief professional profile.Does the fast diminishing African cultural values concern CAA? 
Revisiting and developing African traditional ways of living involves structures to accommodate social interactions in order to
bring into focus the role of the individual in the community; the role of the community in helping the individual person; the goodness of communal
living against individualism, the security of the individual and the community, relationship between the old and the young, parents and
children; the rich and the poor.

How important is research to CAA?
CAA will run a centre for dissemination of information and preservation.
The centre will act as data base of information materials and give guide to researchers in all fields of life.

How important is environmental conservation to CAA?
CAA will establish projects focused on better methods of environment preservation; also in line with growing of traditional herbs, production
and water harvesting so as to supply clean water, sustainable agriculture for food security, manageable animal husbandry and fisheries.

Does CAA concern itself with design and technology in any way?
CAA will institute plans to enhance African Technologies, Designs, Architecture and Infrastructure to enhance use of available gas and
petrochemical oils with a desire to move away from reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Neterian African WorshipHow important is publishing to CAA? 
CAA will have an institution mandated to publish information materials both in print and electronic forms for the consumption of citizens of all
walks of life. Information materials will be published in the major languages spoken by people, focusing on mother tongues to cater for the
disadvantaged person who can’t read in English and Kiswahili. The publishing House shall be engaged in an aggressive reading culture
campaigned. Literature materials play crucial role in modern socio-cultural developments of any nation and civilization. The publishing
outfit shall be CAA’s prime pillar in addressing general development problems.

Does CAA have anything to do with traditional medicine ?
CAA will establish and run a treatment centre-cum-hospital for research and trainings in traditional herbal-cum-modern-medicine. The centre will offer practical treatment both in herbal and spiritual forms. The centre would be best suited in running a complimentary branch of modern treatment for comparative treatments and data collection.

Kwame Nkrumah was the first post-colonial President of Ghana.Does CAA honour excellence with any prize?
Not until an African intellectual has been awarded the Nobel Prize, the Booker Prize or any other prizes by the Whiteman’s world that he becomes
recognized as someone of local and international substance. That is, the African is subjected to being weighed and measured intellectually by foreign yardsticks. The African qualifies only for those prizes because he has satisfied foreign judgment – be that judgment distorted or biased.

While those prestigious prizes exist out there, CAA will establish its own prestigious Cultural Prize. The recipients of the prize will be
judged by African minds for the benefit of developing African integrity and pride.

The Africana Laureates will be people with extraordinary success in intellectual output that will be contribution to human development in
Arts, Science and Philosophy