African Politicians Degrade African Nobility

By David G Maillu

For a man to have more than one wife is a credit in African traditional society. Having more than one wife increases his social status and household. He talks about his marital status proudly. Polygamy has always been a noble practice in Africa society until the arrival of Whiteman’s colonialism of monogamy sold to Africans.

But if polygamy is a social disease, the Whiteman suffers from the same disease only that the disease manifests itself in a different way. The Whiteman’s polygamy is called “Consecutive polygamy” in which, if a married man wants to have a different wife, he knocks up reasons for divorcing her in order to create room for the second wife. If he gets tired with the second wife, he throws her out of the matrimonial bed in order to bring his third wife, and that method continues.

The nobility of African polygamy is that his conscience demands that he should keep all his wives because he is concerned about the welfare of all his wives together with the welfare of his children.

During the reign of Mwai Kibaki , the third President of Kenya, he treated Kenyans to marital embarrassment over his marital status when he told a Press Conference that he had only one wife.

Like many top African political leaders, Kibaki has more than one wife but publicly recognizes only one, Lucy; he doesn’t want any one, especially his Roman Catholic Church, to know that he married Wambui, the second wife, through customary Kikuyu marriage.

It is wrong for a polygamous man to pretend he is monogamous. This is both an abuse and degradation of African nobility. Thank God that we have the most conspicuous man armed with marital nobility. This is President Jacob Zuma of South Africa who displays his wives openly and proudly to the embarrassment of pretenders like Mwai Kibaki, the retired President of Kenya.