Unearthing Buried African Values

Julius Nyerere, frst president of Tanzania.By the time Africans states freed themselves from European colonialism, there was very little of African values, leave alone aesthetics, that Africans could proudly stand for in defence. Using Shakespeare’s expression, the Whiteman had not come to Africa to praise African values but to bury African values and promote Whiteman’s values. How much of those buried values have we uncovered up to now?

The first Presidents, in the lead Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Kenneth Kaunda and the others were forced to start restoring and building Africa cultural values from wrong cultural foundations. The first President to tackle the subject rightly was Nyerere with his introduction of African Socialism. Kaunda talked about African Humanism but did not go far.

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Kwame Nkrumah was the first post-colonial President of Ghana.In fact, by that time the library of Whiteman’s scholarship had published lots of works arguing that Africa was devoid of History and Philosophy. However, African scholars in the independent states took up to rewriting the cultural history of Africans. The question is, how far have they gone up to now?

The answer is,they have not gone far. In fact they are still in the woods. I take several points as examples to illustrate their failure. One quarter of world languages are spoken in Africa. Find out how many African scholars have a diploma or first degree in any of the languages whereas there are virtually thousands and thousands with doctorate degree in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese!

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Kenneth Kaunda, the founding President of Zambia.The African continent can boast of having the widest varieties of food stuff in the world. Those who travel round the world know how aggressively Chinese menu has been promoted and what commercial status it has reached. What about the African massive menu?

Africa can boast of holding the largest field of traditional medicine in the world. But have our governments and scholars any devoted persons in the discovery and promotion of African medicine, African psychiatry, African psychology, African dietary? What are the consequences of that failure?

Adopt Barrack Obama as President of Union of African States

By David G Maillu

Open Letter to the White HouseThis is an open-letter book to President Barack Obama and to the White House from a Pan-African stand point. It is an unorthodox call for a noble mission in challenging  African to take the next step to save African states by picking up things from where Kwame Nkrumah and his colleagues left them regarding their call to Pan-Africanism.

Today, the Continent has a shadow government called African Union (criticized as club for dictators). It brings together the assembly of 54 gravely poor and shaky states. However, the 54 nations can come out of their economic dungeon through creation of one nation. But as things stand out today, the problem is for the awfully-divided African states to get a compromise candidate to become the first President of UAS. Tribalism, sectionalism, individualism, fatalism and the other political evils bring down any suggested candidate.

Retired President Obama at his prime age of 55 can certainly become the only compromise candidate that can pull African states from the mouth of economic dragons. Africa, and the world, cannot afford the extraordinary powerhouse in Barrack Obama’s mind to waste away.

Former US President Barack Obama when he addressed Heads of State at the African Union Headquartes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Barrack Obama becoming of the President of UAS will place the United States of America indirectly as the biggest economic beneficiary; since he would be USA’s extraordinary human donation to Africa.

Geographically, psychologically, demographically and socially, there are 6 important points that compel Africans to become one nation, failure to which Africa would goes for dogs. 1: Africa is the home of Black People.  2: Black people share a common history of being subjected to slave holocaust. 3: Black People share common history in being colonized by White People. 4: Africans have been the most exploited human species by White People. 5: The untapped African natural resources are most threatened with exploitation by White People. 6: The unique Blackman species, which is a minority of the human beings, is threatened with extinction and is in dire need for self-conservation.

Africa has become a no-man’s land with regard to the forces of disoriented foreign ideologies and economic exploitations. The scramble for African natural resources and the neo-colonial economic bonanza have thrown African nations into cultures of confusion and uncontrollable corruption. Least to emphasize, the Federal Government would bring an end to the destructive current plague of tribalism, sectionalism, small-thinking, corruption and enclaves of dictatorship that are rampant in the present African states.

Over and above, if Africa became a single nation, it would benefits world-donor countries tremendously. It would bring to halt colossal foreign aids that have taken central stage since the post-colonial era. Collectively, African states – which appear permanently hungry for foreign aids and entanglements – have continuously been receiving incredibly colossal fortunes of various kinds in aid forms. Unfortunately, due to lack of accountability, a lot of the money has ended into pockets of individuals.

For historical reasons, Africa has been, and will continue to be, a very expensive continent to donor countries.  However, that material aid could be saved to benefit the population of the donor country, if donor countries participated in helping Africa to become one nation capable of harnessing its resources on behalf of Africans and on behalf of the human race because, after all, Africa belongs to the human race and Africa is part of the five-continent-children of the world. Sister continents bear noble responsibility in helping Africa come out of the dungeon.

With its present operation, Africa is a liability to the world. The refugees flocking into Europe from Africa may illustrate one of those liabilities. Yet, the continent is the wealthiest in the world with regard to untapped natural resources.