Men Want Femininity, Not Masculinity, in Women

By David Maillu
Published July 9, 2017

We are going through a serious gender identity crisis in which women are trying every trick to look like men. Does this mean the value of female is diminishing as that of men appreciate? What is the cause of this trend? There are few men who attempt to look like women because men are more proud of their identity than women are. Why is this so?

However much a woman tries to look like a man, she cannot be a man other than abusing the law of nature; with consequences. What men want in a woman is the essence of femininity – a real woman. They get disappointed when they find that femininity watered down by attempts to look like men. The best woman is that one who is proud of being female. Why is it that a man would radiate with pride when he is told “You are a real man” while many women would cherish the compliment, “You act like a man”? Any sensible man would consider it an insult if someone were to tell them, “You act like a woman.”

In Africa to be a woman earns the person utmost pride where woman wants to be appreciated for her role in life and consequently what she is in that role in which she plays an equal partnership but not a complementary partnership. The game change has become the worship of materialism which men worship and make gods out of themselves. One can argue that the depreciation of the female is heavily influenced by materialism.

On the materialism market both men and women are now thrown in the game as competitors to see who outsmarts the other. Metaphorically speaking, it is a ridiculous competition of running race between a man and a pregnant woman where, of course, man must be winner. It is almost insanity to expect equality of material performance between man and woman. Woman is the mother of woman and, by nature, she is given more responsibility in servicing life than man. At home, she is burdened with being the conceiver, deliverer, breast-feeder and caretaker of the child, while the husband reads newspapers and goes to nightclubs. Industrially she cannot be measured with the same weighing balance and considered man’s competitor. In other words, woman cannot be equal to man because, naturally, woman has a bigger social responsibility baggage than man.